How Snacks We Love Look Like In China

Travel is good for the soul. It’s important to get out there in the world and discover new places, new people, and- of course- new food! Here are some snacks that as Americans we all know and love and how people in China put their own unique twist on our classics.


Wasabi Oreos



Well, this is a combination no one expected (or even asked for if we’re being honest). Back in 2018, Oreo’s parent company,┬áMondel─ôz International, released two new iterations of the classic cookie.


Durian Chips



So for those of you who don’t know, durian is a fruit found in Southeast Asia. The unusual flavor has some pretty mixed reviews.


Chilly Pepper Snickers



This combination might sound just awful and the reviews are totally mixed. Some people say the combo satisfies a sweet-tooth craving and others say its just the worst thing they have ever eaten.


Spicy Wing Oreos



This special twist on the classic Oreo cookie is only available in China currently. Would you try hot chicken wing Oreos?