How to Be More Eco-Friendly

Our world is becoming increasingly hard to live in because of unsustainable practices and habits that continue to harm the environment. This may naturally lead to some asking the very important question: what can I do to help? The simple answer is that you can do a lot if you believe wholly in the idea that even a pebble can make ripples in the ocean. Down below we talk about some eco-friendly practices you can adopt to make a difference.

First up, you can try using public transport wherever possible or even carpooling with friends and family to common destinations. The simple idea here is to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from your side by using private transport as little as you possibly can. This may seem hard at first but, as is the case with most things, you’ll slowly get more and more used to it while also feeling good about the positive impact your decisions have on the world!

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd

Next up, you can also be more mindful of the environment by conserving energy and water. Is there a lightbulb turned on in an empty room that no one plans on using anytime soon? Turn it off! Similarly, do you absolutely need to stay in the shower for extended periods of time? Probably not! If you continue asking yourselves these little questions, you’ll find yourself being less wasteful.

Lastly, and perhaps the most simple of them all because of how much schools have reinforced it, it always helps to follow the basic mantra that is “reduce, reuse, recycle”. This mantra, in fact, acts as an excellent starting point for your journey to becoming more eco-friendly. All you have to do is reuse what you can, such as shopping bags, and recycle what you can’t. With this, you’ll soon find yourself feeling good about yourself and being content with the knowledge that you’re playing your part in trying to save our world!