How To Capture The Perfect Selfie

What’s behind capturing the perfect selfie? Well, for starters, we are looking to capture our lives in a unique, authentic, and interesting way – specifically to share with others. We want our friends, family, and connections to be updated on our lives, and a little vanity can do wonders for our individual self-esteem. This is the pro-selfie step-by-step guide to capturing the perfect shot. Now, get those selfie sticks locked and loaded…

1. Use Some Geometry

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Remember back in high school when you were forced to learn about all those shapes and angles and lines? Well, here’s a new way to put those old skills to use! When capturing the perfect selfie, play around with all different angles. Holding the phone slightly above your head and off to the side is typically a flattering angle for most, however great selfie takers know there is no one correct angle.

2. Let There Be Light

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Bad lighting can ruin a great photo, and visa-versa. Depending on what type of camera you’re using, light settings can usually be adjusted before and/or after a photo is taken. It also helps to play around with the natural and staged lighting around you. In general, you don’t want to be directly in the line of light, or directly opposite of the main light source (unless you’re going for some specific type of silhouette or spooky vibe).

3. Say Cheese!

The happiest selfies are always the best. Not to say there isn’t a time or place for the funny, serious, or sweet selfies, but a smile never goes out of style! Experiment with different looks, and most importantly, be confident and your perfect selfie will come.

4. To filter or not to filter, that is the question.

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Had Shakespeare been around today, this would have been his most profound wonderment, probably. There are tons of photo editing apps with filters, stickers, frames, and much more. A basic rule of thumb: less is more. Filters can add an artistic touch, correct bad lighting, or highlight your most important features, but be weary if your selfie starts to look too ‘fake’.

5. Location, location, location.

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An experienced selfie taker is able to snap that perfect photo in practically any location. Whether you’re at home, out and about, or traveling to a far away place, there’s always ways to showcase your location to improve your selfie quality. Try different backdrops, improvise with props, play with natural and staged lighting, and most importantly, keep experimenting!