How To Cope With Long-Distance Relationships

Relationships are often difficult to maintain. Throw distance into the mix as well and it can lead to a whole host of issues. It is not easy to go months or even years without seeing your partner, seek physical comfort when you’re low, or handle different time zones altogether. However, there are simple tips you can follow to make the ride a little more tolerable.

It is critical to establish trust as the backbone of your relationship. Otherwise, it is difficult to make it work. When you are in different places, trust becomes even more important. It should be two-way to solidify your bond and make sure your individual needs are being fulfilled and you can count on the other no matter where they are.

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It is also important to find quality time. Even if you’re not physically together, there are still ways to switch it up and enjoy each other’s virtual company. With today’s technology, there are multiple platforms to take advantage of such as watching a movie, setting up a FaceTime date, or playing games together. Surprise them with gifts as a reminder of how much you value them. Another way to be present is by full and open communication. This will strengthen your connection both romantically and also add security. If there is something bothering you, no matter how small, it is crucial to talk about it. This could be certain insecurities that would prevent future ups. Such difficult conversations should ideally take place on call, as texts can be easily misunderstood.

Finally, it is important to continue to support and motivate each other. Set small goals to work on either together or individually, pledging full support. Set long-term goals as encouragement as well, along with dates in mind if possible. If you have a certain time frame where you know you will reunite with your partner, then this is great motivation to cope in a healthy manner.