How To Dress Like Everyone Else Starter Pack

Whether you are looking for a bro starter pack or how to be a sorority sister, you’re going to want to check out these hilarious pictures of people wearing literally the exact same thing. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself. Stay original, people.


Bro Pro’s



Hey, a bro’s gonna bro. There is no stopping the powerful force of the bro. It’s contagious (clearly).


Girl Code



The skin-tight mini skirt is a college girl’s go-to weekend outfit. It is the little black dress for millennials.


Bro Starter Pack



Behold! A pack of bro’s in their element. Notice how they walk with a confident swagger, cargo shorts, and flipped back baseball caps. 


Han Solo



Here we have a gathering of women at a college event. How can we tell? Just by the classic below-the-knee boots and black Han-Solo-esque vest.