How To Show Your Friend You Appreciate Them

Friends are a constant in our lives. However, rarely do we ever feel that we do justice to our friendships by showing them just how much we appreciate them. Sometimes the label of “friend” is easier to hold onto than taking active steps to express your love towards them, but you should! Down below we talk about some small things you can do to express your affection for your friends!

A monumental occasion that is a safe bet to show you care for your friend is to throw them an amazing birthday party. Mind you, this is no simple task! It’s a measure of how well you know them in the first place. Would they like a large party to celebrate or a simple and small gathering of close friends? That’s a decision you have to make as their good friend and someone who loves them.

Next up is a trickier element of friendships: conflict resolution. It’s inevitable that friends will squabble and bicker with each other. In the worst case scenario, these may even blow out of proportion and risk becoming damaging arguments. To avoid this unfortunate event, both friends should be empathetic towards the other. They should attempt to understand where the other is coming from and deal with the situation with that in mind. You’ll find that whatever conflict comes your way will be resolved much more amicably this way, and your friend will appreciate you for that!

Lastly, a friendship can go a long way if you continue making plans to do things together. From going out to eat to watching a movie (in the cinema or at home) to going to clubs together, spending more time together offers more ways to deepen your friendship. You’ll definitely get bonus points if you go do things your friend especially likes!