How to Spot if Your Cat Loves You

If dogs are well known for being deeply affectionate companions, then cats are equally notorious for being the polar opposite. They are usually looked upon as cold little creatures who rarely show affection. However, this can best be seen as a misconception because of how independent and self-sufficient cats are compared to dogs. They do, in fact, show clear signs of affection if you know where to look, and that’s where we come in!

Cats are notorious for marking their territory, property, and social groups. They have scent glands on their sides, behind their ears, and on their heads which they rub against things that they find comforting and familiar, humans included. If your cat makes a habit of rubbing itself against your legs, you’d best believe you’re doing something right! Your cat will also allow you to invade its personal space – which it values very much – every now and then to show you that it trusts you.

Just like with dogs, you can typically determine whether your cat likes you or not if you notice its tail attentively. Cats don’t wag their tail to show affection and trust. Instead, they hold it upright or shaped like a question mark to do so, and the latter is usually an invitation to play with the cat. Understanding the basics of your cat’s tail patterns will take you a long way!

Rolling over to expose their underbelly is perhaps one of the most vulnerable things a cat can do, and they don’t do it for just anyone! If your cat has a penchant for doing this, then it absolutely must adore and trust you. However, this should not be taken as an invitation for belly rubs as cats generally prefer being petted on the head instead. Your cat may love you, sure, but it will not hesitate to remind you who’s boss with its sharp claws!