How to Spot Your Dog’s Affection

Dogs are truly a blessing. They make for wonderful pets, companions and friends. Reliable and dependable to a fault, these creatures grace many homes with their presence and are showered with love and adoration. But how do you know whether your dog reciprocates this love? Read on and find the answer yourself!

Dogs use their tails to convey their emotions, which can range from anger and annoyance to pure happiness. A sure-shot way to know whether your dog loves you or not is to see if they wag their tail furiously in your presence. Generally, the more relaxed the motion of the tail wagging is, the more relaxed your dog is in your presence. If they smile in the process, then take it as a sign that your dog really appreciates you!

Getty Images / Brand X Pictures / fStop Images – Winnie Au

Another way to find out if your dog loves you is to see how physically affectionate they are. Dogs tend to follow you around and jump on you whenever they get the chance if they really like you. To this end, they will also lick you or play roughly which, although sometimes undesirable, are ultimately simple signs of affection. Train them properly if you want to avoid being bitten accidentally!

Dogs also tend to be more comfortable sharing space with people that they’ve grown to like and trust. If your dog tries to sleep next to you – assuming you allow it – it is a sign that they are comfortable being vulnerable with you. They will also cuddle with you at every opportunity they get so you’d best get used to that if you’re treating your dog right!

Lastly, much like cats, dogs try to establish eye contact with and stare at those they’re affectionate with. It might sometimes come across as creepy, granted, but there’s nothing to worry about. Your canine companion just loves you that much!