How to Style Denim

Denim is truly the statement piece of every outfit. The cool weather despite the sun shining bright calls for denim wear. It is a style that can be worn in winter or summer, and looks even better on a sunny day, despite the temperature. Denim never went out of style however, there were a recent few years where wearing denim on denim, for example, wearing a denim jacket over denim jeans, was frowned upon however, this year, the combo has made a comeback. People still have their reservations about the look however, the fact remains that denim lovers can go all denim once again, if they care about the general opinion that is. Here are a few very basic ways to style your denim.

  1. Pair a denim jacket with all black – wear all black, a black shirt over black jeans, and pair it with either a light-colored denim or a dark-colored denim, it will look gorgeous and make your denim pop.
  2. Pair your denim with strips – Put on a denim jacket over some strips, the bolder the better. Think white and bright red stripes underneath a denim jacket or even over some classic denim jeans. The combo will result in a casual statement outfit.
  3. A sleek denim button-up – Most people have a button-up shirt in their closet, so try investing in a denim button-up and pair it with either denim jeans or simply black jeans for the ultimate street style.
  4. Head To Toe Denim – Put on a denim cap with black sunglasses, a denim shirt, a denim handbag, and denim jeans alongside some boots. The stars of this head-to-toe denim look are the accessories, so make sure to invest in those.
  5. The Denim Jumpsuit – Another way to flaunt the head-to-toe denim look. Invest in a denim jumpsuit. This can even work on formal occasions if paired with some fancy jewelry.