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We don’t regularly wash our facial hair even though 2 to 3 times a week is recommended. A European study found that a man’s beard carries more bacteria that dog fur.

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If you wanted an unfun fact of the day, here it is, folks. Men, it’s time to start washing your beards regularly because according to a small European study published in 2019, researchers discovered that the average man’s beard has more bacteria than the dirtiest part of a dogs fur. Yikes! Guys, start scrubbin!

We use bath bombs, but the ingredients may affect a woman’s vaginal pH balance and can cause a rash or irritation.
Woman in bathtub holding bath bomb

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Bath bombs have become super popular and can actually make a pretty cute gift for someone who enjoys their bubble baths. They may look cool and relaxing, but can have a negative effect on the skin if you’re sensitive. Not to mention, they can disrupt the bacteria and pH balance of your vagina.