Ice Cream Sundaes That Look Ridiculously Good

Mmm. Is there anything more satisfying than devouring an ice cream sundae on a hot day? We think not. So as the summer season comes to an end, this is truly the perfect time to enjoy a deliciously cold, creamy dessert. Whether you prefer a classic hot fudge sundae or an all-American banana split, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to this beloved warm-weather dessert. Here are some sundaes that look ridiculously good!


Hot Fudge Sundae


ice cream

Getty Images/Prasatporn Nilkumhaeng/EyeEm


We have a rule in life. And that rule is: never mess with the classics! Yes, of course, it’s okay to switch things up once in a while. But in general, we find that the originals tend to work best, and there’s no better example than the classic, hot fudge sundae. All you’ll need are some chopped nuts and cherry on top and you’re good to go.


Banana Split


ice cream

Getty Images/Jordan Lye/Moment


While we might have taken gymnastics classes back in the day, most of us can’t actually do splits. And perhaps part of the reason for that is one too many banana splits. Yup, we are guilty as charged and we’re okay with that since this delicious dessert is totally worthwhile.


Oreo Surprise


ice cream

Getty Images/Tanja-Tiziana, Doublecrossed Photography/Moment


Sometimes surprises are good, and sometimes they’re not. In this case, finding three oreo cookies on top of the ice cream sundae we ordered can only be described as a very, very good surprise. Even if we didn’t ask for extra Oreos on top, we are definitely not complaining and will enjoy every last bite.