Ice Cream Tulips

While food and flowers are both among life’s greatest gifts, they don’t usually come together, unless, of course, we’re bringing a bouquet of flowers to a friend’s home to thank them for inviting us over for dinner. But for the most part, the two of these indulgent things don’t have much to do with one another.  Once you discover the beautiful Ice Cream Tulips, however, you’ll surely think differently and will be craving a sweet and refreshing treat right now. 

Any flower lover is likely to be already familiar with these special flowers, but for many others, these Ice Cream Tulips are a real exciting novelty, and especially so before their petals open up! That’s where all the magic happens when they start to look just like actual ice cream cones. These Ice Cream Tulips both appear to be real enough and good enough to start licking (not recommended, however). This tulip variety is relatively new and they aren’t the cheapest flower out there, but if you’re trying to make your neighbors jealous by having the coolest and most delicious garden ever, then they are surely well worth the money. 

The bulbs of the Ice Cream Tulips are also large compared to other tulip varieties, measuring as much as 4’’ in diameter, and the tulips themselves can also grow as tall as 25cm. What’s also unique about this variety is that they have 12 petals, as opposed to 6 that most tulips have. At first sight, these mouthwatering Ice Cream Tulips appear to be pink, but once the petals open, the white center is revealed, giving it the classic ice cream look.  These tulips tend to bloom towards the end of April or the start of May, and if you get the chance to find some for sale, you’re best off buying the biggest bulbs (for the biggest flowers).