Ideas for Celebrating Your Birthday at Home

If you do not like a big fuss on your birthdays or in general, being the center of attention in public while everyone is chanting ‘Happy Birthday’ while candles flicker on a cake can get very awkward. The Covid Pandemic and social distancing taught us to appreciate and celebrate events in the vicinity of our homes, with only the closest and most loved and important people around us, instead of a massive crowd of casual friends and acquaintances. You can make birthdays memorable in a comfortable manner.

Getty Images / DigitalVIsion / Jose Luis Peleaz Inc

Treat yourself – whether you want to visit a spa or a bookstore, take some time out on your birthday to do so. If you want to take some friends with you, plan beforehand, but do not hesitate to go on your own if that is what you desire. Plan a movie marathon – Set up some fairy lights, get some snacks, and arrange a projector to have a dreamy and fantastical night absorbed in your personal favorite cinematic classics. Watching a movie whose references are known by everyone gets even more fun. Have a really good cake – what are birthdays without a cake? Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, invest in a really yummy cake and invite some loved ones over to help you devour it.

Plant something – If you have a garden, then plant something there otherwise, plant a houseplant or go to a park/nursery/greenhouse and plant something there. You can share a birthday with a plant and keep track of its growth and progress every year as it will be easy to remember the date! Go on a picnic – grab some delicious homemade food and enjoy your special day outside, with the birds and the flowers. Being surrounded by your loved ones in nature is an enthralling experience on its own, but on your birthday, when everyone is there especially for you, it becomes even more special!