IKEA’s New Tiny Houses

We all know and love IKEA for many reasons. Mostly for their reasonably priced furniture, but also because they make a mean meatball – a fact that you will definitely be aware of if you visit the Swedish furniture store as often as we do. Well, recently, IKEA has made an unexpected move, delving into an arena that is less about furniture and more about space: homes. Tiny homes, to be specific.

Yes, it’s true, IKEA is hopping aboard the latest minimalist trend, which apparently goes for houses as well as furniture. The famous furniture brand partnered up with Vox Creative, Curbed, and Escape, a US-based company that specializes in building miniature homes and RVs. Their first tiny home model was originally built in March but was only recently released to the world. And let’s just say that people are pretty excited. Many are starting to realize that a larger home doesn’t necessarily equal a better home and are trying to cut down on the space they take up.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Escape CEO and founder Dan George Dobrowolski spoke about the benefit of opting for tiny homes in these times we’re living in, and why sustainability is at the heart of their designs. “Energy efficiency with a tiny carbon footprint, use of sustainable and recycled materials, the ability of the building to be moved and adapt to new environments as needed. The list is endless.”