Incredibly Fit Senior Citizens

Staying in shape is no easy feat at any age. It requires a great deal of dedication, time, and effort to stick to your goals. There are endless excuses that we can make about why we shouldn’t be active today, and we honestly use these to procrastinate all the time. So for some morning motivation, are some seriously impressive and fit senior citizens who didn’t let any excuses stop them from making their dreams come true.


Putting Us All To Shame


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This lady truly puts us all to shame, proving that there is no such thing as excuses. When there’s a will, there most definitely is a way. it’s all about wanting something badly enough. As her adorable workout shirt says, there are no cheat days in life when you really want to achieve something.


Superhero Status


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This guy is the definition of cool, and everything we aim to be when we reach his age.  As he wrote on the post, “Happy Halloween. I hope Robin hit the gym today too.” His hilarious comment proves that not only is he seriously fit, but he has a serious sense of humor to go with it.


How Much Do You Lift?


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This woman truly proves that it’s not about having time, but it’s about making time for what’s important to you. Staying fit doesn’t mean you need to break the bank on a membership to some fancy gym – it can be done anywhere, anytime! In fact, the kitchen floor is the perfect place to start. You go girl!