Independence Day Foods Around The World

Every nation has its own independence day. Naturally, each country celebrates this monumental day differently, through its own local customs and rituals. But there is one thing that ties every one of these days together, and that is the tradition of eating special foods. Because really, what better way to celebrate your nation’s sovereignty than with some delicious chow? Here are some of the unique Independence Day foods from around the globe.


Getty Images/jopstock/Moment

May Revolution Day, also known as Argentina’s national Independence Day, happens every year during the cold winter months. Therefore, it’s pretty unsurprising that the country’s traditional foods of choice are comforting and warm. One popular dish is Locro stew, which is typically made with various squashes or pumpkin. Then, for dessert, one might tuck into some sweet pastelitos. These regional treats are made of puff pastry dough and filled with either fruit or cheese.