Instant Ramen – A Global Phenomenon

Have you ever walked into a grocery store, casually strolled into the ramen aisle, and felt overwhelmed by the various options that met your eye? Despite the attractive packaging of instant ramen, only a few brands out of the many provide the perfect noodle and sauce balance.

The first to be put on the preference list is the Indonesian ramen producer – Indomie. The most famous flavor to come out of Indomie is its original “Mir Goreng Instant Stir Fry Noodles.” These are commonly called “dry noodles” because they come with no broth. This is the perfect Indomie flavor to be packed away in the mishandled school lunch box or if you’re looking to make up for the carbohydrate portion of your meal while retaining the rice-like texture.

Getty Images / Moment / CBAriansah

If you prefer ramen with relatively more sauce, the Korean ramen producer Nongshim has just the proper ramen fix. Noghsim’s “Chapagetti” is the best example of the globalized ramen industry. It presents a unique combination of western spaghetti-style noodles with the eastern Chajang sauce, which is basically a Chinese soybean sauce. The dried vegetables and spices bring a differentiated Korean flavor to the global consumer who has never tasted Korean spices and cuisine before.

Lastly, the India-based instant ramen producer – Maggi – provides an unmatched contribution to the ramen aisle. If spice is your criteria for the ultimate ramen, then “Maggi Masala” is not one to disappoint. The packet’s tastemaker contains a mixture of 20 distinguished roasted Indian herbs and spices determined to add that extra flair to your bowl of instant ramen. The natural appeal of the 2-minute Maggi Masala noodles lies in the fact that you can doctor them to your liking without interfering with the authentic Indian taste. The water can be dried down altogether to get broth-less noodles, or it can be boiled down slightly to obtain the perfect soup-based serving. With Maggi Masala, the ideal balance between noodles and sauce is no longer a myth.