International Surfing Day: Dog Edition

Happy international surfing day! June 20th is the day we all hit the beach and catch some waves. No matter if you’re a kook (newb) or a kahuna (wizard pro level), you’re going to appreciate this collection of doggies hanging ten.


2 Kewl 4 U



Slow down there, speed racer, you are killing it out there! Other doggies can only hope to reach this level of cool.


Chubby Bubby




Well, hello there Mr. Chubby Bubby! Aren’t you just the cutest thing out there on the waves.


Hang Tail (Ten)



This little guy knows the first rule of surfing is safety first. He looks like a natural pro out there.


Downward Dog



You go, doggo! Look at that technique, so graceful. That downward facing dog yoga pose is an expert level for sure.