It’s 4th of July! Here Are The Most Patriotic Dogs Ever

If you think the perfect 4th of July outfit doesn’t exist, it’s because you’ve never seen dogs dressed in red, white, and blue. There is nothing more patriotic than a chihuahua wearing an American flag bandana or a German Shepard dressed up head-to-toe in celebration of independence day. If you don’t believe us, these photos will prove it.


This little guy is ready to party.

Chihuahua wearing star shaped sunglasses and a stars and stripes tie

Getty Images / Moment / Hillary Kladke

Nothing says 4th of July like plastic star-shaped sunglasses and a red, white, and blue tie. This tiny chihuahua is ready to enjoy a perfect day of barbecuing and partying under the sun. Judging by his attire, he knows how to throw the best BBQ. We wish we had been invited.


This tiny pup can only see red, white, and blue.

West Highland White Terrier surrounded by American flags

Getty Images / Moment / Nikki O’Keefe Images

Surrounded by red, white and blue flags, this West Highland White Terrier is having the time of his life. The expression on his face shows just how much he loves his country and celebrating it every year. We can tell he couldn’t wait for his owners to get his flags out of the attic for the 4th of July once again.


This Labrador is so serious about his love for the USA.

Chocolate Labrador dog holding an American flag with a red, white and blue bandanna on

Getty Images / Moment / Sue Zellers

Few things in life are as certain as this dog’s love for his country. You can tell by his fearless gaze that he will party like there’s no tomorrow this 4th of July. We love that he not only wore a red, white and blue bandana around his neck, but also carried a flag around on his mouth. That’s what we call patriotism.