It’s National Best Friends Day! Here Is the Origin of This Very Special Day

The 8th of June is a very special day for everyone out there who has a best friend. This is the day when we celebrate our friends who we consider our chosen family, our soulmates that we’ve known for years, and our confidants who have been with us through the ups and the downs.

First proposed by the U.S. Congress in 1935, this day was created to celebrate the special people in our lives that we chose to love and support no matter what. The reason why June 8th was chosen as National Best Friend day is simple: this is usually a balmy day in all parts of the country, which means we can spend the day doing outdoor activities with our best friends.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Flashpop

If you are looking for inspiration, these are some great outdoor activities to celebrate this special day with your chosen family: having a picnic at the park, spending a fun day at the beach, having a barbecue, or going to a rooftop yoga class. Now, if the weather where you live doesn’t allow outdoor activities today, do not worry. These are some indoor activities that you could enjoy with your best friend: going to the movies, having a nice dinner at a cool restaurant, spending the day at a museum, baking your favorite dessert, creating an at-home SPA, or even having an indoor picnic.