Japanese Snacks That Are A Must-Try

For those of us who have been to Japan – or just seen it in movies – we know that it is a wonderful place with a unique and fascinating culture. From Tokyo’s anime cafes to the country’s museum entirely devoted to Noodle Cup, Japan definitely does things a bit differently. For those who are ready to take a bite out of Japanese culture, here are some local snacks that are seriously a must-try.

Pocky Sticks

Getty Images/David Cooper/Toronto Star

Pocky sticks are perhaps one of the most beloved Japanese snacks. First sold in 1966, the original was a chocolate-covered biscuit stick. The snack was so popular that almond Pocky and strawberry Pocky were soon invented in the years to follow. Today, one can find Pocky in almost any coating imaginable. The chocolate-banana ones in the picture above are just one of many pocky flavors.