Journey To College Independence

College is one of life’s most exciting and novel chapters. While it’s exciting to get your first authentic taste of freedom, it may also be intimidating; after all, it’s now all on you to figure out and handle. For many, college will be the first time they feel like they have true independence. Everyone’s experiences and journey are unique, and we all discover our path to freedom and success, but here are a few pointers to aid with the shift.

Adulting is all about striking a balance. Maintaining the proper balance between class, studying, obligations, money management, leisure time, and time with friends are all new parts of life that everyone is attempting to learn. Everything seems to happen all at once in college. Taking control of your time and what you do with it is a huge aspect of being independent at college. The second not-so-secret adulting truth? Sometimes things go wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And while it stinks, the most incredible way to be genuinely independent is to plan ahead as much as possible when things go wrong. Your anticipatory radar should be acute.

Explore the vast outdoors (or just outside your dorm door)! There is always more to your surroundings than the school, no matter where you attend college. Why not catch some fresh air by walking to sites close to your school? Remember that it is your experience, not anybody else’s. There’s a common notion that being alone means being lonely. Or, staying indoors on a Saturday night denotes a lack of social skills. College is a fantastic social experience, but it’s not all about parties, relaxation sessions, and making new friends. It’s primarily about you.

College is brimming with tools to help you excel throughout your studies. My favorite aspect of college is the ability to meet individuals from other races, ethnicities and cultures, genders, sexualities, faiths, and backgrounds. These connections will help you on your path to becoming your person.