Just Some Sloths To Brighten Your Day

For those of you who are not aware, sloths are the greatest animal ever. And we have scientific proof to back that claim up. You might think you know sloths, but boy, do we have some facts for you! Take a look at the cutest, greatest animal ever.


Sleepy Baby



Sloths sleep an average of 15 hours a day. They love to sleep upside down and almost always hang up high in the trees.





Sloths have one baby per year. They stick their mom hanging onto heir back. They cling to mom for around one year. 


So Cute



Another cool sloth fact: they are pretty good swimmers! But they really don’t walk on the ground, they spend most of their life in tree branches.


They Need Our Help



The pygmy sloth is an endangered species mainly due to humans and poaching. Make sure to educate yourself and try to find an organization to help support the conservation of this incredible animal!