Kick Off The Week With These Next-Level Pancakes

There are many ways we can kick off the week off right. We can pre-plan our outfits for each day at the office (color-coordinated, of course.) We can make an itinerary for all our social events. And, we can start off the week with a super delicious power-breakfast. Here are some fun pancake ideas that are sure to take your morning to the next level.


You’ll go bananas for these.


banana pancakes

Getty Images/Westend61


Mmmmm. There’s nothing better than a warm, fresh stack of banana pancakes. Well, actually, there is one thing better: a warm, fresh stack of banana pancakes with some homemade walnut-maple syrup on top. But even if you’re not that ambitious and don’t actually want to make your own syrup from scratch, we’re pretty sure you won’t regret making this delicious breakfast treat.


Chew on some chocolate chip.



Getty Images/Philippe Gerber/Moment


Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? If there’s chocolate, we’re there. No further persuasion necessary, thank you very much. Throwing some chocolate chips into our morning stack of pancakes has the benefit of doing two things: it gives us that extra boost of endorphins we needed to start off the week and ensures that we actually eat our breakfast for a change.


Eat, drink, and be berry!



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We try not to use corny puns too much. But when it comes to this beloved breakfast dish, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Blueberry pancakes are truly a timeworn tradition. In fact, some of our favorite childhood memories involve this perfect comfort food, that just happens to be healthy as well as yummy. What more could we ask for?