Kid Friendly Vacation Plans

Traveling with kids can be pretty challenging. Normally, when you plan a trip by yourself, or with a significant other, the activities would generally be geared towards your interests. You’d be hitting up your favorite museums and heading to chic brunch places for that perfect morning mimosa. However, with kids, its an entirely different story. When traveling with children, one has to take their needs and interests into account. So naturally, these types of travel activities will vary from the ones you normally indulge in. But fear not, because spending a day out in the city with your little ones can be equally enjoyable for adults too. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities that are suitable for the whole family.

Getty Images/Marc Romanelli

One of the best ways to spend the day together as a family is by going to a museum. Now, a modern art museum might not be every child’s cup of tea. However, a history or science museum would definitely keep the little ones entertained for a few hours. Not only will they have a blast exploring the exhibits full of old skeletons and artifacts, but they’ll return home knowing lots of cool new facts which they’ll definitely want to share with their friends. Another classic kid-friendly activity is visiting a zoo or aquarium. This is another great way to add some education to your vacation while ensuring that your kids don’t get bored. After all, who doesn’t love sea lions? Going to a zoo or an aquarium is guaranteed to delight parents and children alike. Lastly, make sure to hit up some local libraries or book shops. The kids will feel great picking out their own books, and you’ll have some new reading to indulge in back at the hotel, complete with a nice cup of coffee, of course. Whichever one of these child-friendly outings you choose, it’ will be a win-win situation for everyone.