Kids’ Monster Doodles Transformed Into Professional Works Of Art

In a world where everything is based on technology, kids grow up pushing buttons and staring at a screen. The 21st Century kids have forgotten what its like to pickup a pencil or a crayon these days and just sketch and doodle.

The Monster Project was brought up first in Texas and brings together elementary students and more than 100 professional artists that help remind the kids just how strong their imagination is. The gallery contains original student sketches and professional recreations side-by-side, which prove just how powerful their imaginations are!

We love how accurate and detailed the professional sketches are.

1. I would name this monster ‘MaKnito’ (looks like something my grandma would knit me)





3. When Frankie Valli sang “Cant Take My Eyes Off You,” I’m pretty sure he had this monster in his head.





5. “The Happy Monster”