Kylie Jenner Speaks Back

Haters are going to hate. That seems to just be a fact of life. But that surely doesn’t mean that Kylie Jenner from the strong, successful, confident, beautiful, and powerful Kardashian family is going to accept this kind of behavior, and especially not when it comes to body shaming.  Jenner and her family inevitably receive no shortage of unwelcome comments on the internet, as every big star unfortunately does, but one particular comment really pushed things a few steps too far. A completely unnecessary remark about her weight was left on a throwback video of Kylie posted on one of her many fan accounts – Kyliessnapchat. 

Kylie was surely not just going to let this one slide, and her response deserves not just one Oscar or Golden Globe Award, but several. We’re all cheering her on right now, even if it’s silently from our couches as we practice social distancing. The video that was uploaded on the Snapchat fan account included a nostalgic video of Kylie enjoying herself at the opening of the Sugar Factory restaurant back in 2017, and, of course, looking absolutely stunning as always in her trendy tube top dress as she literally made the lives of excited fans. 

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But rather than sharing some praise and love for the video, some followers, unfortunately, didn’t do that, and rather did just the opposite, with body-shaming comments about Jenner, saying that she was so much skinnier back then, and ‘better’ back then.  Thankfully, she didn’t put up this kind of behavior, although these comments obviously didn’t even deserve her time and attention-  and threw them a shot back by commenting herself saying ‘I birthed a baby’.  You go, girl! Thank you for making us all so proud, and reminding us that there’s no shame in any mother’s body – or really anyone’s for that matter!