Laugh and Get Rich Day

Laughter is the best medicine, it brings people together, breaks down barriers, and can even make boring moments more exciting. Laughter is contagious and it can sometimes be hard to reign a giggle in. That great feeling when laughter takes over your body can have a great positive impact on both you and your surroundings and it even burns calories. Luckily for us, many years ago, someone decided to create this national holiday.

While the origins of this day are mysterious, our best interests were definitely at heart. This day is about encouraging laughter and the effects it can have, in every area of life. The endorphins released from laughing can help lift moods and decrease pains. While laughter won’t make you rich it helps improve health and mood. Laughter can ignite creativity thus helping you be more productive at work and more valuable to your employer. The more we laugh, the more likely we are to have less stress, lower blood pressure and a better immune system.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Flashpop

In order to celebrate this holiday, you need to really dig down deep and find something that will make you belly laugh or cry with laughter. Just laugh, that’s all. Tell jokes, ask people to tell you jokes, anything to put you in a good mood. You could also hit the local comedy club with friends, family or even a date. You’ll create some memories and that’ll make the laughter last even longer into the future.

Laughter therapy is great for when you’re feeling tense or even angry. It can relax you, and help you celebrate life with a smile on your face. Your feeling better will spread out to the people around you including those you work with. So pick up a funny novel, watch some standup, anything to make you laugh, it will enable you to get rich, financially, physically or mentally.