Lesser-Known Food Facts To Tell Everyone At Your Next Family Dinner

When it comes to food, we think we know everything we need to know. We’re aware of what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy, we know that cereals are full of sugar and that eating fruits and vegetables is important if we don’t want to get sick. But there’s so much we haven’t been told – here are some of the most surprising facts about food.

Carnauba wax is used in gummy bears and car wax.

Getty Images / EyeEm / Fernanda Puram

Derived from the leaves of carnauba palm trees, carnauba wax is a very versatile product. It is not only used to give gummy bears their trademark shiny glaze and to prevent them from sticking together, but also to shine up cars, surfboards, and floors. Obviously, the overall percentage of carnauba wax in gummy bears is a lot lower than in car polishes.