Life Tips and Cheats to Help Us Avoid That Brick Wall and Slip Through the Backdoor

Life, the universe and everything is filled with uphill challenges. From the smallest things like making sure we have food, to trying to find a good job or just keeping ourselves entertained, sometimes it gets so complicated it’s overwhelming. But as it turns out, we have the capability to make the smaller stuff less troublesome through little changes we ourselves make. A few tricks, or cheats so to speak, of the system to help us slip through the back door instead of through the brick wall we’ve been standing in front of this whole time. It makes all the difference, so here’s a few breadcrumbs of life advice to help you crank open those side windows and get where you need.

Only subscribe to one streaming service at a time; watch what you want on it, then unsub and go to the next platform. This rotation will save money.

This is so handy, we wish we’d seen this one sooner. Plenty of platforms have shows we want to watch, but subscribing to every single one for that one season can feel like an ever expanding hydra of an expense. So rather than give into the impulse, pick one at a time depending on what you want to watch. If it’s a show that’s being released weekly, wait for it to finish so you can binge watch it all at once, then when the month is over, cancel the subscription and wait for it to be fully up again and for you to be done with the last one. Your wallet will thank you.