Many of us believe that luck is merely chance, and that we have no control over it. Well, it’s time to ditch this false myth, and start to change your mind. And don’t worry, there’s much more to it than superstitions and a box of lucky charms (although they are pretty darn delicious). According to psychologists, we can in fact influence our luck.

1. Expect Luck & Luck Will Find You

Being lucky is all about believing that you are. This kind of attitude helps people remain positive no matter what their situation may be.  Staying optimistic can help you deal with failures and never give up.


2. Maximize Opportunities & Take Risks

People are constantly complaining about not having enough opportunities, and blame not being successful at work, not finding love and not accomplishing their dreams because of this. But what’s the real problem here? That they are afraid of taking risks and are not attentive enough. Focusing too much on what you have, or don’t have can take away from creating new opportunities for yourself.  Keep an open mind, keep your eyes open and take charge of your life.



3. Trust Your Instincts 

Trusting your gut and listening to your subconscious can increase your luck. Those who are fortunate listen to their body and mind signals, and know how to properly read them and address them.  Aim to befriend your inner voice by practicing mediation or yoga.


4. Turn Bad Luck Into Good Luck

When things get tough you can either give up, or choose to keep going.  People who are considered lucky are those that are most resilient. Although things can look bad at the very moment, in the long term, it can be very positive.



5. You Get What You Give

Sending out good thoughts to the world is nice. Getting out and doing something for the world is even nicer. Plus, it’s a rewarding way to increase your own Karma, one of the founding principles of Hindu philosophy. Experts agree that “what goes around, comes around” is more than just talk, and that positive energy through positive actions is a great way to receive positivity yourself.