Macaulay Culkin’s Twitter Feed Is Hilarious

We all know and love Macaulay Culkin as the adorable child star who played Kevin McCallister in the Christmas-themed Home Alone movie franchise. These movies were a serious part of our childhood, and just thinking about them makes us nostalgic for the ’90s. However, these days, people are loving the now 39-year-old Culkin for an entirely different reason: his hilarious Twitter feed. Here are a few of the actor’s best one-liners.

Whoops, My Bad

LOL. We love that Culkin can have a good laugh about his legendary movie role. The actor played Kevin McCallister, a young kid who takes on the intruders who break into his home, where he is left alone without his parents. We’re pretty sure Culkin doesn’t actually feel bad for all the burglars who are too scared to rob a house now, but it’s great that he cares about their self-esteem.