Makeup Done For You

Somehow, Zoom, a video conferencing app has left all other virtual forms of communication rather empty right now.  Right now, everyone is really just trying to get the best and funniest background for their Zoom call, and also probably debating whether or not it’s really worth investing the effort in putting on pants since, for the most part, only our top part is visible in the call.  For the females out there, they are also surely having an internal debate every morning when they wake up, or afternoon nowadays, as to whether or not they should be putting on makeup. The question isn’t just to wear or not to wear makeup, but it’s also how much should be worn, why it should be worn and how it should be worn. The struggle is so real.

Well, now thanks to Snapchat’s Snap Camera beauty filters, you never have to experience these struggles anymore or question yourself. They’ve provided us all with a simple solution, and are here to save the day, as they always have been ever since they released their epic app to the public. But now, while we’re stuck at home, more than ever. Get ready to stop wasting your precious time and money on makeup that you’re anyway going to remove in less than an hour after that Zoom call. 

Also, truth be told, no one can really see it or appreciate your makeup from a screen, even with the highest resolution camera. Now is the time to allow Snapchat to put on your makeup for you, whenever and wherever your heart desires, even in the middle of the night from the comfort of your bed.  The new feature has endless filters and even allows you to create your own. Your complexion is about to become flawless, your lashes are about to grow a few inches, and that lipstick shade is going to be exactly what you’ve always been looking for.