Making the Most of Family Get-Togethers

Extended family get-togethers can end up being a festive and joyous occasion if your family is scattered all over the earth. You might have an uncle and aunt living in Budapest while their child is in Hong Kong for college. You may also have a divorced aunt who has decided to spend her life roaming around the world. However, be that as it may, there will be moments when all of them converge under one roof. Down below we’ll be talking about wholesome ways to enjoy these get-togethers!

First up is the age-old tradition of storytelling. You don’t really need a campfire for this, but setting one up really helps with the mood! The idea here is to catch up with one another and share anything exciting that has happened since you’ve last seen each other. Couple that with some dinner – or smores if you’ve actually managed to get a campfire going – and it’ll make for a great family activity!

Next up, try going on a little trip with your family. The trip itself doesn’t have to be grand or to a faraway location. The key function of these trips is to go out of the house and enjoy the outside world with your family. Even a simple grocery run can be made exciting with the right crowd! However, keep the little ones in check if you want to avoid any unwanted trolley accidents in some aisle or the other!

Lastly, movie nights are a great way to spend with family that is otherwise scattered all over. Sure, one can do online watch parties, but they never quite feel as exhilarating as everyone huddled together in one room and watching something exciting, suspenseful or heartwarming on the same screen. A more competitive element can be introduced by doing a horror movie binge and testing which family member – or members – truly has nerves of steel!