Making Those Around You Feel Loved an Appreciated

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated because it is the ultimate validation that we matter to someone, that our presence has made a positive difference in their lives and they value our efforts and presence. If someone feels unappreciated and uncared for, they may harbor feelings of betrayal, heartbreak, and resentment. Humans have a lot of kindness to give. A warm smile, an affirming nod, or a tight squeeze of the hand may make your loved ones feel cherished and trigger the release of oxytocin in the brain; ‘the love hormone’; which makes both the giver of the appreciation and the receiver of the appreciation feel good. Here are some very simple ways you can make someone feel loved and appreciated.

Compliment their efforts – Make a point to highlight and appreciate their efforts every day, even if it is something small, like folding the laundry. Recognizing how hard someone works and the time and effort they put in is the ultimate validation and appreciation for someone.

Recognize their admirable qualities – verbally compliment the qualities you admire about your loved one/ones as we all have certain qualities we admire in other people. Mostly they are qualities we hope to develop within ourselves like self-discipline, a carefree attitude, and confidence. This is also a sign of emotional maturity that we are willing to recognize and complement the work and effort someone has invested in themselves.

Carrying on from the previous point, tell them how they inspire you to be a better person – especially regarding the qualities you admire about them. Remind them or tell them how they helped you achieve a milestone, or how they inspired you to develop a habit.

Tell them how you feel in their presence – if you like their energy, let them know. If you feel like they radiate kindness, let them know. If they make you feel loved and appreciated, try to reciprocate that feeling.