Math Tutorials On TikTok

A sixteen-year-old math whiz, Alexis Loveraz from the Bronx, New York has gained himself an impressive 660,000 followers on the popular social media platform, TikTok. And while most kids his age go viral for their choreography skills or makeup tutorials on TikTok, he’s gained such a large following by helping his fellow students with school during the lockdown, covering topics such as chemistry, algebra, geometry and even SAT prep.  Who knew that TikTok could also be used for such a thing? We sure didn’t. 

Alexis Loveraz, a student of Harlem Prep High School has a 4.0 GPA – and has earned himself the cute and fitting nickname of ‘TikTok Tutor’ for his unique willingness and ability to help his fellow students with these complex subjects on the platform. Those that have been receiving his help are incredibly grateful and even have commented that he explains concepts better than their real teachers! Even before the lockdown when schools closed down, Alexis was making helpful videos on TikTok, but in the past few months, they’ve been especially beneficial to students who have found it a challenge to keep up with their schoolwork. 

His tutorials have become so popular that they now even are used on Google Classrooms, and are helping students across the globe refresh their academic skills even while away from the official classroom.  His mother is, of course, seriously proud of her son, not only for helping others with his smarts but also that he’s been using this dance video platform for a greater cause – and is confident that he will continue on this path to greatness and of helping others.  While many students have already been away from school for nearly three months, it’s still heartwarming to know that Alexis and many others have been doing their best to ensure that everyone still gets the education that they deserve.