McMiricle! Baby Takes First Steps To Eat French Fries

This adorable nugget baby is spreading joy across the internet after a video of her first steps went viral. Her street-smart dad just wants his baby girl to grow up big and strong, and what better way to move the process along than with a little bribery? Just the shear smell of some delicious, salty, warm french fries is enough to get me up and moving, and low and behold the same warm goodness is enough for this little human to get up and moving as well!

As Evie takes her first steps, she expresses emotion that all of us can relate to when getting ready to go all in on our favorite foods. After a few very well earned first-steps, Evie’s dad gives in and let’s Evie chomp down on one of her favorite delicacies!

We understand completely, Evie. Enjoy those fries, girl!