Memory Blankets

At some point in life, we need to go through our closets and get rid of a hefty chunk of what’s inside. There are often a lot of clothes that we are keeping ‘just in case’ or waiting for the ‘perfect occasion’ to wear. There is, however, another pile of clothing that we no longer wear. Some of them we may have grown out of, some of them may no longer even be considered as items of clothing anymore. Yet these are the clothes we never want to part with because they hold memories and sentimental value.

Getty Images / Fredrik Nyman

A great way to repurpose all of those old t-shirts (embarrassing or otherwise) is by transforming them into something else; a memory blanket. And it’s more than just t-shirts too. You can include almost anything, from jerseys and PJs to pants, ties and button-down shirts. This is what makes each memory blanket unique. You can make one for yourself, or even as a gift for someone else. You can use cherished baby clothes to commemorate birthdays. Whoever it’s for, it’s just the perfect way to keep hold on to the memories attached to the items you can’t bear to part with.

There are many small companies out there that specialize in this exact thing, but it can make a great home project for a rainy day. Depending on the size of your final blanket, you’ll want to choose the amount of clothing and sizes accordingly. Bear in mind that a few inches will always be lost along the way when you stitch. Keep in mind to choose items that have patterns or images that hold some meaning to you/the recipient. Once you’ve washed and ironed the clothes, you’re ready to go. There are some great tutorials online that are easy to follow and after a few hours, you’ll have a memory-rich item that you can keep forever!