Mexican Street Food

Mexican street food is a delicious treat for individuals exploring Mexican culture’s vibrant and unique flavors. Offering tantalizing spices, various fillings, and countless combinations that cannot be found in restaurants or grocery stores, Mexican street food brings excitement to any taste buds! From Elotes to Tacos, the menu items are endless, and simply waiting for someone brave enough to try them all. Tacos de Canasta, also known as Basket Tacos, consists of small, soft tortillas with various fillings, including mashed potatoes, pork rinds, beans, or beef adobo. After cooking, sprinkle the tacos with vegetable oil or melted lard to soften their shape. Finally, the tacos are ready to eat in a warm basket lined with a large blue plastic sheet. Soft as butter and delicious, the tacos are served with pickled vegetables to add a delightful sourness to each sip.

Vasolote, also known as Esquites or Elote en Vaso is a traditional salad made with mayonnaise, cream, grated cheese, corn, salt, and lemon. Any Vasolote stand will offer a variety of sauces, including tamarind, cranberry, and habanero. The soft corn kernels retain their flavor when enjoyed with Vasolotes. Vendors will choose white (salty) or yellow (sweet) corn to add to your salad. Vasolote gets its name from the plastic cup it is served in. Many people like to add all sorts of ingredients (like fried tortillas) to take advantage of the creamy texture of the salad. You can find Vasolote on almost every street corner in Mexico at any time of day. Adding Vasolote corn to your bowl of ramen soup is also a great way to add flavor and extra nutrition to your lunch or snack.

Platanos Fritos con Lechera also known as Fried Plantain with Condensed Milk, is a traditional Mexican dish made by frying ripe plantains and then served with condensed milk. Ripe plantains are very popular in the Gulf of Mexico. In Latin America, fried ripe plantains are a delicious side dish in many meals. It goes exceptionally well with Oaxaca cheese for breakfast and rice for a hearty main course. Mexicans love fried plantains with condensed milk and sometimes strawberry jam. In most parks, stalls sell Platano Fritos con Lechera on weekends, so people of all ages can enjoy it.