Mocktails to Try This Summer

Mocktails are almost as trendy as their alcoholic cousins these days and for a good reason! Everyone likes a delicious, refreshing drink that doesn’t skimp on flavor, even if it isn’t non-alcoholic. Plus, “mocktails” have evolved into more than a concoction of sodas and juices. Whether store-bought or homemade, there are many exciting and unusual possibilities today. Discover the ultimate assortment of non-alcoholic cocktails recipes this summer, including a delicious pineapple and lime mocktail and an excellent pear and rose punch.

Our virgin mojito is a delicious non-alcoholic take on the classic cocktail; omitting the rum for a refreshingly booze-free combination is perfect for hot summer days. Replace the soda water with lemonade if you prefer your mojito to be a little sweeter.

The green tea base makes the pear and rose punch special, which adds a fresh note that balances out the drink’s innate sweetness. In a stunning mocktail, capture the traditional bitter, citrusy flavors of a Negroni. To make a slow-sipping negroni mocktail, make a simple syrup with grapefruit, orange, and fragrant spices, then combine with white grape juice, water, and ice. This delightful drink tastes exactly like the real thing.