Most Beloved Thanksgiving Side Dishes By State

Thanksgiving is one of those things that truly brings everyone together – especially when it comes to delicious food. Around the country, mashed potatoes and mac & cheese were voted people’s favorite holiday side dishes, hands down. However, once we break it down by state, each place has its own personal faves, and some of them are quite interesting.


New Hampshire: Cranberry Sauce


cranberry sauce

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Mmmm, there’s nothing like some cold, refreshing cranberry sauce! Whether you get yours from the can or make it from scratch, this sweet side dish is the perfect accompaniment to more savory dishes like turkey and mashed potatoes.


Indiana: Deviled Eggs


deviled eggs

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Everyone loves hard-boiled eggs. This simple side dish is a favorite all year round. Well, deviled eggs are the perfect way to take this protein-fueled food to the next level. Garnish with paprika and finely chopped chives to really impress your guests, although the taste alone should do just that.


Maine: Side Salads



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While salads might not sound like the yummiest thing at the Thanksgiving table, thousands of Mainers would beg to differ. And we totally understand why. Thanksgiving salads are by no means like regular old salads and often include festive additions like honeyed pecans, sliced apple, dried cranberries, anything else that screams autumn. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and you’re good to go!.