The Absolute Best Senior Yearbook Quotes
Laura Lee - September 19, 2019
A frightening stillness will mark that day And the shadow of streetlights and fire-alarms will exhaust the light All things, the quietest and the loudest, will be silent The suckling brats will die The tugboats the locomotives the wind will glide by in silence We will hear the great voice which coming from far away will pass over the city We will wait a long time for it Then at the rich man's time of day When the dust the stones the missing tears form the sun's robe on the huge deserted squares We shall finally hear the voice. It will growl at doors for a long while It will pass over the town tearing up flags and breaking windowpanes. We will hear it What silence before it, but still greater the silence it will not disturb but will hold guilty will brand and denounce Day of sorrows and joys The day the day to come when the voice will pass over the city A ghostly seagull told me she loved me as much as I loved her That this great terrible silence was my love That the wind carrying the voice was the great revolt of the world And that the voice would look kindly on me.

- Robert Desnos

High School is full of challenges. Whether it be prepping for SATs, or just navigating the socially complex maze that is the cafeteria, there are plenty of reasons to be relieved once it’s finally over. So having made it past math, mean girls, and mystery meatballs Tuesdays, these teens have every reason to pat themselves on the back before running out the door. But some of them prefer to leave a little token of their appreciation behind first, by way of their yearbook quotes, and the results are truly genius. Here are some of our favorites.

May I Have Your Attention, Please

While this girl is definitely taking it in stride, we do see an upside to the issue. I mean, if you have no good hair days, you also have no bad hair days, am I right? In all seriousness, Ghufran’s sense of humor is fabulous, almost as fabulous as her alleged new haircut.

Royal Confession

We had a feeling it was you all along! Thanks for owning up to it at the last minute. There were definitely more than a few people who mispronounced this guy’s name over the years, so it’s great to see that he’s taking it in such good spirits. And don’t worry Segun, we’re wiring the money and passport details to your account as we speak!

Late Bloomer

That took us a second. Thankfully, this totally relatable high school problem was swiftly resolved (and we’re glad to hear her grades went up too). It just goes to show that everyone blossoms at some point, so enjoy being a harry potter head/band geek/mathlete while it lasts. And know that it does get better.

Honest Abe

Yikes. Ankit manages to simultaneously poke fun at vegetarians while also causing us to contemplate the terrible fate that befalls each head of lettuce that is so cruelly yanked out of the ground. From now on, we’ll definitely all think twice and maybe hold a moment of silence before chopping up our carrot salads.

Family Pride

With a last name that undoubtedly provoked plenty of teasing throughout elementary school, Michelle has a surprisingly positive attitude towards her less than wholesome surname. To be fair, kids love to use bad words, so arriving at school with a name like that was pretty much asking for trouble. Anyways, Own it, girl!

We Will Amith You

We’re grateful that the yearbook committee let Amith include two pictures because this allows us to see both sides of this true legend. The picture of him with the drum and the white background is both professional and hilarious at the same time and is definitely one way to assure that he’ll never be forgotten.