Music’s Contribution to Society

Each one of us enjoys music of some kind. We could all like different genres or be fans of different artists but there is always some form of music that appeals to us in a way that few other things can. People see different music in different ways and they use it in different ways depending on the situation.

Sometimes, your mind attaches certain music to some event or person. Depending on how positive that person or event has been in your life, your perception of the music associated with it can also change. These associations are often made when you listen to a song together or go to a concert together. When people have the same favorite artist, they see it as a bonding opportunity and can vibe to the song or geek out over the artist that they like. In this way, music is something that can be used in social settings. Later, you could be listening to the same music to remind yourself of that social setting and reminisce about the good times.

Sometimes society uses music as a way to create a vibe. If you are feeling down and want those around you to be a little low on energy to make you feel better, then there is a good chance you would play a few sad songs and then feel lost in the music as a way to cope with whatever else you are dealing with. Other times when you are high on energy, you could see yourself playing more upbeat songs where you could vibe differently and maybe even dance to them. Restaurants and bars also use this way to create a vibe in their restaurant. Music is then associated with the ambiance of the restaurant and creates a very specific environment for customers to enjoy.