Must-Try South Asian Dishes

We have all wanted to know about different cuisines at some point in our lives. South Asian culture is extremely rich and diverse, however, its food is the star of the show. It is known for its bold colors, popping art, and unique food choices. This article will go through some of the most famous food choices.



Hyderabadi biryani

Getty Images / Moment / Sanjay Borra

Biryani is many people’s favorite dish in South Asia. It is heavily spiced with garam masalas, green chilies and tamarind. The rice is separately boiled while a chicken mixture is prepared. The chicken mixture is extremely full of flavors. The last thing to do before serving is layering. Layering in Biryanis is done by filling the pan with one layer of chicken mixture and another layer of rice. It is usually served with mint sauce and ginger.



Indian veg pulao in a rustic background served with pickle, curd, lime slices and onion

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Another form of rice that is extremely popular in South Asia is pulao. It is more of a unified cooked recipe as compared to the biryani. The rice is boiled with chicken stock to give them the perfect meat and rice flavor. After the rice is cooked, any choice of your meat or chickpeas are added which further enhances the flavor. It is also served with mint sauce and zeera sauce.


Nargisi Kofta

Lamb kofta and flat bread on plate

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Nargisi kofta is a perfect blend of proteins in your food. This is a very elite dish that was previously just served to the rulers of the area, especially Mughals. Kofta is made by mixing all the spices into the meat and then letting it rest. While the meat mixture rests, boil the eggs. Take some part of the kofta mixture and wrap it around the boiled egg. Fry the kofta balls until the meat is partially cooked. Then form a curry and add these.