Must-Try TikTok Food Recipes

If you’re someone who spends most of their days staring at their phone’s screen, stuck in an endless loop of scrolling through TikTok videos, then chances are that you’ve already come across some of the viral food recipes we’re going to enlist. Cloud bread went viral once it surfaced on TikTok and is essentially an extremely fluffy and lightly sweet baked good made using three egg whites, 10g of corn starch, 30g of white sugar, food coloring of choice, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. All these ingredients are whipped with a beater till the mixture forms a smooth and creamy consistency and can easily hold stiff peaks. This recipe calls for 20-25 minutes in the oven at 300°F and is usually enjoyed alongside tea but can also be paired with something more savory. Rice Paper Ramen Wraps are another quick and easy dish that can be made using ramen, rice wraps, gochujang (red chili paste), and cheese. The ramen is cooked, wrapped inside the rice paper, and fried on a pan over medium heat. Depending on your taste palette, these wraps are easily customizable and can fit various other ingredients too.

Getty Images / Moment / Jordi Salas

Thirdly, we have Tang Hulu, more commonly known as glass candy. It is a popular street-food snack hailing from Northern China made using a cup of water, two cups granulated sugar, ¼ cup corn syrup, and any fruit of choice. The sugar-water mixture is heated until the candy thermometer reaches 275°F and the fruit, attached to skewers, is thoroughly coated with it. This snack perfectly balances the hardened sugar’s crispiness and the fresh fruit’s softness, forming an addictively delicious treat overall. Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka pasta gained instant fame, and everyone knows it’s worth the hype. This creamy, spicy, carb goodness requires one diced onion, four cloves of garlic, eight oz of pasta, ½ cup virgin olive oil, ½ cup heavy cream, ½ cup tomato paste, a pinch of salt, three tablespoons of vodka, ½ teaspoon black pepper, two teaspoons of red chili flakes, two tablespoons of unsalted butter, and ½ cup of parmesan cheese. This recipe makes about four servings of pasta and only requires a cooking time of 20- 25 minutes.