National Fairy Tale Day

You may not have known, but today is in fact National Fairy Tale Day! Every year on February 26th, we celebrate the art of storytelling.

Even if you do not read traditional fairy tales so much anymore, it is very likely that the movies and books that you watch and read today are rooted in fairy tales without you even realizing.  If you want to honor this day, there are several things you can do, such as paying a visit to your local library.

Pick out your favorite classic fairy tales and share them with your children or those around.  Another creative way to celebrate this unique holiday is to write or tell your own fairy tale.  There are plenty of free story telling websites that offer you platforms to build your perfect story and that provide the graphics.

And lastly, if you really want to get into it, a super fun and interactive way to enjoy this holiday is to act out a fairy tale.  You can compose a show based on your favorite tale or even improvise as you go.