National Love Your Pet Day

It’s here! The day to love your pets. Don’t worry, we know that you love your pets all year round. They’re a big part of your life, and you love sharing your life with them. From dogs and cats to hamsters and guinea pigs, maybe you prefer snakes and bearded dragons or something simpler like a tortoise, a bird or fish, whatever it is, today is the day to focus on your beloved friend. Although we all know they’re really more like family.

Even though no one really knows when humans started keeping household pets, research shows that wolves have been living alongside humans for a very long time. There is even evidence of cats and dogs being buried in their humans’ graves, as far back as 12,000 years ago! As time has gone on, we humans have fully embraced pets, and our love for them has only increased, with annual pet competitions allowing us to show off their many talents.

Getty Images / Moment / Carol Yepes

This national holiday provides an opportunity (or let’s be honest, an excuse) to pamper your pets. Even though we know you love to spoil your pets and shower them with treats, here are a few things you can do to celebrate this loving holiday. Set aside some time to dedicate to your pet, and strengthen that special bond you have. Why not give them your undivided attention; you can play their favorite game, or bring out their best toys. You can watch some pet videos together that are specially designed for them. Give them some extra belly rubs or strokes, or maybe even buy them an extra special yummy treat.

Showing your pet that you love them isn’t just about treats and toys. You can express your love by checking their toys are in good shape, washing their bedding/cleaning their cage. Take this day to check in on their health records and make sure everything is up to date. The bottom line for this day is to spoil and appreciate your pets. Focus on that unique relationship you have with them, and reap the benefits of the stress relief that they give you back in return.