Nutella-Based Desserts that are Total Game-Changers

Babka is a traditional Jewish dessert that is a hybrid between a marbled cake and bread. It’s made by layering brioche pastry and is soft, fluffy, and buttery enough to melt in your mouth instantly. The word ‘babka’ translates to grandmother in Yiddish. It symbolizes grandmothers making this scrumptious treat out of leftover challah bread on religious holidays for their families to enjoy. Classic babkas feature intricate folds and swirls of raspberry jam and cinnamon baked into the dough; however, chocolate babka only got introduced in fusion with American cuisine. To make it, you’ll need to roll your dough into a rectangle, spread a thin layer of Nutella, and sprinkle some orange zest on top. Then, roll it longways from the longer edge and cut the roll in half lengthwise before laying it cut-side up. All that’s left now is to pinch the tops together of each half and braid them together before baking. Brush with a sugar-water glaze and garnish with chopped hazelnuts. You can warm this dessert or dip it into a hot cup of coffee as an afternoon snack. If the bread goes stale, it can still be used to make delicious French toast and bread puddings.

Getty Images / Moment / Artur Kozlov

Baklava is a rich and decadent Turkish delight made of thin, crunchy, buttered, and multi-layered phyllo sheets. If you’ve been missing out on this luxurious Middle Eastern treat, you need to start with Nutella Baklava first. Firstly, prepare your sugar syrup by combining together water, sugar, honey, and lemon juice in a saucepan. Then, place 8 sheets of phyllo dough in your baking pan, brush each one with butter, and spread Nutella and pecans on top. Add 6 more buttered sheets, with only pecans on top this time, before covering with an additional 6 buttered sheets that’ll have only Nutella on top. Repeat this step again and finally cover with 8 buttered phyllo sheets with generous butter brushing on the topmost layer. Bake and immediately pour the sugar syrup once the baklava comes out of the oven.