Odd-Looking Vegetables

Usually, when we search for groceries, we tend to look for the most perfect-looking ones – the perfectly round and perfectly sized peach, or the brightest oranges or apples on the shelves. Studies have shown that our expectations are so high that they psychologically alter the taste of what we’re eating. Peas that are a brighter green will taste “fresher” and “more nutritious” than a duller green. It is these expectations that have driven the market to only sell ‘perfect’ produce. As with humans, cats, dogs, and all other living things, not every single one is born aesthetically perfect. So today we’ve taken the liberty to find some amusing examples of fruits and vegetables that didn’t quite make the cut (excuse the pun). A common example that sometimes makes it to the shelves, is ‘twin’ fruit. Have you ever found two bananas that have grown together? This happens with other fruit and vegetables as well. It’s quite common to find a potato that looks like it’s two merged into one or to start peeling an onion and find that there are actually two or three stuck together.

Getty Images / Image Source / Bill Sykes

Root vegetables in general are notorious for giving off odd-looking produce, from swedes that grow to look like feet, to carrots that look like fingers, legs, or even a hand. Although they are not alone. Strawberries also sometimes like to huddle up together while they’re growing, resulting in giant ‘poly-strawberries’ if you will (imagine trying to eat that on a romantic date).

Another vegetable that has a surprising recurring defect is the eggplant. While they too, also might grow together, it would appear that eggplants tend to grow noses. This phenomenon is something that has swept the internet, with people creating all sorts of funny scenes with eggplant people. And if you feel you’re missing the fun without odd-looking fruits and vegetables in your life, there are even some websites that will supply you with produce not deemed ‘perfect’ enough for the shelves.