Old Couples in Love

Old people are amazing. They have a wealth of knowledge to share and a library of stories at their fingertips. They’ve been through decades of life, and have racked up masses of experience. One day we’ll be old too, and most of us want someone to grow old with. So what’s more encouraging than hearing about couples who have been together longer than the internet has been around?

There are couples in their 80s and 90s who still have mementos from the day they met, and over time have created their own secret way to communicate so that they can tell each other they love them in loud or crowded places. It just melts your heart to see a little old couple giggling together like naughty school children, or holding hands in public. There are even those that choose to profess their love by wearing matching outfits every day.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / MoMo Productions

Old couples are stronger than we give them credit for; some will drop everything and dance, the minute music comes on the radio. Others will visit their loved ones in a nursing home every day, and call it the highlight of their day. While some refuse to accept their age, and can still be seen going on dates like they just met. It’s these little acts that have kept them all going for 60, 70, even 80 years. That’s right; the longest recorded marriage was 86 years and 290 days!

Even though every couple is unique, when old couples have been asked for tips on how to make a relationship survive until the end, the same sort of responses are given time and time again. Patience, tolerance, and mutual respect and understanding of the other person. To truly love someone, accept them for who they are. Be willing to go the extra mile when times get tough, and forgiveness is key.